Organising desi events and parties are one of the things that we are very passionate about. We love watching people enjoy themselves in an environment where there is good desi ambiance, desi food, and enjoyable desi music. Let's organize your next upcoming desi event together. Contact us for a meeting so we can discuss your vision and idea.

Specializing in Bollywood, Punjabi, Bhangra, Oriental and Western music. DJ Havin is a pioneer in delivering a desi music experience to his audience. Setting the right mood and making the event a memorable experience for the host and the guests. Contact us for booking and pricing enquires for your next upcoming desi event.

We offer a wide range of desi services for your next upcoming desi event. Contact us for a quote and taking your idea to the next stage. 

We offer the following desi services:

- Desi DJ

- Desi Bollywood dancers 

- Desi Bhangra dancers

- Desi Dhol players
- Desi Boliyan singers

- Desi Singers

- Desi Hosting

- Desi Decorations

- Desi Food catering

- Desi Activities for wedding events

- Desi Video and Photography

- Technical equipment rentals

Want to have the time of your life or wish to surprise your loved ones?


At Desi, we believe in crafting and organizing unique and mind blowing DJ and club events for our guests and clients from all walks of life! As specialists in Bollywood, Bhangra and Oriental music and with over eighteen years of experience in organizing desi events and parties, we know exactly what our clients expect from us. That’s precisely why we go a step further and put all our energy and soul into creating fresh and innovative desi parties.  


Why Desi?

We’d say why not? After all, we have the team, expertise, equipments and energy required for organizing exceptional and highly entertaining events. Based in Stockholm, Sweden. Desi came into existence in the year 1999. The company was formed as a result of our passion and endless love for high quality music, dance and entertainment and we’ve labored hard to organize some of the most memorable and extraordinary events and parties since then.


Our motto is quite simple! We’re here to design your events exactly the way you desire! From personalizing music to organizing desi dance events, packed with entertainment and fun, we believe in adding magic, fun and spirit to your corporate, wedding, birthday parties and events.


Here’s what makes us your one-stop choice for dance, DJ and entertainment:

  • We have some of the most creative ideas for organizing your parties and events.   

  • We pay heed to your specific requirements, thereby helping you in creating memorable events.

  • At Desi, we even provide our sound systems, furniture and decoration on rent.

  • We use high-quality LED TVs, projectors and projector screen to organize enticing and engaging events.

  • Our team is a specialist when it comes to event uplighting. From setting up spotlights to moving head lighting, we’ll do it all for you.

  • Our Bollywood and Bhangra inspired music & dance events will leave you craving for more.


Desi is all about the music that you love and want to listen to! We toil hard to exceed your expectations and set up some of the most wonderful performances and events that will remain with you as well as your guests in the years to come!


Need we say more?

Feel free to contact us for your party and event!


Enough about us, lets hear about you.

Send us a mail for bookings, show information, sponsorship, and other inquiries.

We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.


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